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Jane Rydin

Why Alpha Phi?


Sofia  Kelly

Jane Rydin


Parker  Tidwell

"Coming from a huge family, I was really nervous to come to college and now have them close to me. When I decided to rush, a community of girls to laugh with and support me was all I was looking for and is exactly what I have found in Alpha Phi. The moment I walked into Alpha Phi I felt so comfortable. This sisterhodd has connected me with my best friends and an entire netwrok of girls that I'm blessed to be supporting and have supporting me. Go Greek Go APHI!!!" PC '23

"I chose Alpha Phi because immediately I felt at home. I knew it was the place for me from how ocmfortable, welcomed and excited I felt entering the house and meeting the girls for the first time!!" PC '23

"Coming to UNC as an out of state student was super intimidating, so I knew I wanted to find a group of people that I could connect with and make the big school feel a little smaller. Alpha Phi was exactly was I was looking for!!! From the moment I stepped into the house, I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort. Alpha Phi has provided me with an amazing sisterhood, and I am forever thankful for the friends I have made. AOE!!!" PC '23

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